Find Nearest Roboshop Express

By Cereson


So you’ve packed intelligently and zipped through airport security quickly. Now you’re waiting in the airport for your flight to start boarding. You take out your iPod... to find that left earbud got nicked. Your mother calls to say bon voyage for the umpteenth time and your iPhone ran out of battery. A cable that you need to connect your widget to your gizmo is on the kitchen table. Quick! You need to find a Roboshop Express to make a quick electronic pitstop.

This app gives you directions to the closest Roboshop Express, the quickstop for your electronic accessory needs.


Five nearest locations displayed at startup sorted by distance from current location
Get turn-by-turn directions based on GPS location.
Browse merchandise, see sale items, get coupons.
Find product by Name or Price
Order and pre-pay for items. Out-of-stock items may be shipped to your destination.
Access to company's social-media page.