A truly integrated platform that fully supports a wide range of Automated Retail applications.

 Adaptive Product Delivery System

Compatible with both free standing and hanging merchandises
Automatic merchandise placement error detection

 Advanced Robotic Vision

Automatic planogram scanning and detection
Precise vision guided product retrieving
Automatic merchandise placement error detection

 Robust Software Suite

ERP software system designed specifically for automated retail
Advanced Digital Signage platform with face detection
Cloud based backend infrastructure for stability and scalability

 On demand live customer service

Adds human touch
Able to process instant refunds
Machine accepts approved returns
Customizable system for Store-in-Store applications.

 Modular And Expandable System

Mix-n-match robotic modules with different dispensing
mechanisms, greatly expands the merchandise compatibility
Connected modules extend system's maximum length
to over 30 meters

 Customer Oriented Shopping Experience

The same shopping cart follows a buyer from one touch screen
terminal to another, made possible by face recognition
Centrally linked merchandise database enables a buyer search for
all products in the entire automated retail store from one
                    touch screen terminal