Being easy to work with and making successful projects are our goals.

From first contact to first installation and beyond, Cereson customers are matched with and supported by knowledgeable domain experts. Surprises are always avoided - at least the bad ones!

We provide the range of services a Customer needs to not only develop a successful concept, but also to ensure successful ongoing operations.

Custom Concept Development:
Cereson’s development team is eager to work with Customers to turn into reality the ideas their imaginations produce. We will work with everything from (almost) a blank sheet of paper to a well sketched out concept to build a well-developed solution.

24×7 Remote Monitoring and Alerts
The solution is constant monitoring via a number of physical and optical sensors, as well as video cameras inside the Kiosks. These supply actionable data to management reporting systems that are configurable based on Customer-defined business rules. These same systems can provide automated alerts via emails and SMS messages.

Installation and Logistics
We are committed to your project and deployment being successful. Accordingly, we provide a range of installation and logistics services. From simply ensuring that our Kiosks are delivered safely and as scheduled to providing field installation services and on-site training, we will design a plan that meets each Customer’s needs.

Cloud Data Redundancy and Backup Services
Cereson maintains multiple server farms at several Tier 1 NOCS located strategically around the world for extreme redundancy and capacity.

Digital Signage Delivery and Management
Our Digital Signage Delivery and Management service represents years of development and a true platform of services. From targeted content delivery based on assignable variables, to content creation, schedule management, reporting and analytics, and cloud-based backup redundancy, we offer a full range of capabilities.




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